goodmorning !

i finally got to see baby elena, i know you all can't wait either (:
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isnt she gorgeous!

well i got a job interview today, lets hope i get it! i really need a job!
i cant wait to move in an apartmemt and settle down with my hubby!(:

i went putt putting yesterday and it was so fun! my wonderful husband took me, it was BEAUTIFUL outside, and im so happy to say, today is just like yesterday!(:

i was born pale, my whole family is pale, i need to go back to the tanning bed!
i havent been since the day i got married! which was 070809. itb feels like forever!

i got my nails done and you know how you have to pay extra for the little silver line..well, i got lucky and got mine FREE!! the lady was so nice, but so hard to understand(:

well nothing too exciting has went on today about anything, i just woke up...hehehe... ill get back on later when more exviting things have come in store for me to talk about!!

love you all,

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