beginning of my day !

Goodmorning all !
I have a lot to do today but before i got started, i wanted to post a little something on my blog(:

The other day, i went to go get a fill in for my nails and they had this special, if you get a full set or a fill in they will like let you dip your hands in this hot wax, and its suppose to be like really good for you.
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it was so cool, it made your skin really soft and smelled really good, and made my ring all shiny!(:

well, my baby cousin isnt doing to well, shes having withdraws so shes in icu.
i still havent seen her yet. i hope she gets better fast and i get to go visit her(:

well i got a lot to do today so i better get started!
dont forget to check my youtube!

huge love guys

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