wow, its been a while!

i havent forgot about you all i promise! ive been really busy!
just now having time to write on here. its been so long i almost forgot my password haha.

i live in louisville and they have this thing going around called the 99.
they travel around to different states. this is a big 1000 sq ft tent they set up.

the 99 stands for the 99 teens who die on a day to day basis from preventable causes.

you go thru a car accident, hell, suciadal attempts, graveyards..the list goes on.
its a really good thing for teens and young adults to go thru!

you can check their website to see if they are coming near you in the future.

ill talk to you later, but for now, im off to the mall
xoxox whitney


i miss you all!!

i have missed you, my computer at home has so many viruses so i cant put up and videos because its so slow, and..i lost the charger to my laptop so i had to order another one. it should be here today so i wont have to worry about missing you all.

i have been on facebook, becuase my phone uploads that perfect but not blogger or youtube or myspace twitter, or anything like that.
so im patiently waiting for the beloved charger.

well, add subscribe and all that junk on my youtube.

remember i love you all!!


goodmorning !

i finally got to see baby elena, i know you all can't wait either (:
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isnt she gorgeous!

well i got a job interview today, lets hope i get it! i really need a job!
i cant wait to move in an apartmemt and settle down with my hubby!(:

i went putt putting yesterday and it was so fun! my wonderful husband took me, it was BEAUTIFUL outside, and im so happy to say, today is just like yesterday!(:

i was born pale, my whole family is pale, i need to go back to the tanning bed!
i havent been since the day i got married! which was 070809. itb feels like forever!

i got my nails done and you know how you have to pay extra for the little silver line..well, i got lucky and got mine FREE!! the lady was so nice, but so hard to understand(:

well nothing too exciting has went on today about anything, i just woke up...hehehe... ill get back on later when more exviting things have come in store for me to talk about!!

love you all,


beginning of my day !

Goodmorning all !
I have a lot to do today but before i got started, i wanted to post a little something on my blog(:

The other day, i went to go get a fill in for my nails and they had this special, if you get a full set or a fill in they will like let you dip your hands in this hot wax, and its suppose to be like really good for you.
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it was so cool, it made your skin really soft and smelled really good, and made my ring all shiny!(:

well, my baby cousin isnt doing to well, shes having withdraws so shes in icu.
i still havent seen her yet. i hope she gets better fast and i get to go visit her(:

well i got a lot to do today so i better get started!
dont forget to check my youtube!

huge love guys


yayyy ! i have a formspring !

this is how you do it... you dont have to have a formspring or anything !
anyone can do it and you basically ask people questions without telling who you are.

go to --

ask me something !
anything !
ill answer it !

i love you all and dont forget to check out my new youtube video!

new baby, batteries, and little girls.

my aunt emily, had her baby today!!
elena brooklyn! 7lb. 2oz. im so excited to get to see her today!

batteries, i need new batteries, for my camera then im back to putting youtube videos up.
i miss doing them sooo much!

i talked to kandee johnson on facebook, and we are best friends, she really doesnt realize how much that means to me!

im getting ready to start doing tutuials with all the new makeup i have bought soon. its major excitment!

oh, and little girls, its so sad to see immature girls who live their life in drama.
one day, they will grow up and realize it isnt a healthy lifestyle, until then.. i wish them the best!(: